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Why you need Migration services?

Benifits of using Migration’s services

  • Will increase your knowledge parameters of migration procedures to make a right decision before filing your visa application.
  • Will increase your chances of getting your visa application right first time.Will increase your chances of getting your visa application right first time.
  • Will reduce the risk of delays caused by a lack of knowledge of immigration processes and laws,
  • Will reduce the amount of time (and stress) spent on the visa process, allowing you more time to manage work, family and relocation issues.


Our Migration Services

  • Provides a fixed fee service where possible,
  • Provides strictly confidential services,
  • Provides migration lawyers like MARA & CISIC members.
  • Provides a personal Case Manager who will look after your case from start to finish and will give you satisfactory consultation.
  • Keeps you fully informed through-out the process.


Our Migration Advice and Services
In Canada as an Incorprated Company under the Province of B.C., Canada incorpration act. and in India as a Pvt. Ltd. Company registrated under The Indian Companies Act 1956 (No. 1, 1956) and engaged with different countries migration lawyers like Australia, Canada and USA, we can provide consuling in filing your visa application across many different aspects of migration law and its processing steps. We provide migration consultation and services for:

  • Consuling in filling an application for visa for temporary or permanent residence to different countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK. This includes consuling regarding eligibility, skills assessment; visa application forms requirements, statutory declarations, character or police checks and health checks requirments.
  • if your application has failed and you are eligible for review – we can give you consuling and assist you with our engaged lawyers help with forwarding your case for the Migration Review Tribunal,
  • Preparation and lodgement of all of the ‘special’ visas for you and dependents from our engaged immigration lawyers such as Resident Return, Carer, Distinguished Talent, Remaining Relative, Sport, Entertainment, Educational or Medical Treatment.


Assessment & Enquiry Services
Just email with your detailed resume at OR

And we will make an assessment of your visa options, where you can positively qualify according to your sent profile. We will email you a report showing which visas are the most appropriate for you, your eligibility for those visas, how long your application might take and what documents would be required for processing your visa application.

Within 4 working days from your email request you will receive:

  • An initial assessment of which visas are the most appropriate for you
  • Your eligibility for those visas
  • How long your visa application might take
  • What is involved in the visa application process

Visa Application Service

Prepares, lodges and manages YOUR visa application. Throughout the process we keep you up to date with any legislative changes that will affect on your application and keep you fully informed on the progress of your application.
Once you have your Assessment results and you have selected the visa category option then you sign up for a full Visa Application Service.

A full visa application service will usually include;

  • Personal consuling and provision of professional migration advice by an registered migration agent;
  • Identification of your visa options and the development of a personal visa application strategy;
  • The appointment of your personal Case Manager;
  • Consuling and lawyer’s assistance with gaining a skills assessment if required;
  • Completing of forms, writing submissions and providing checklists for any supporting materials that are required;
  • Provides General Lawyers and Migration Lawyers to assist with drafting statements, statutory declarations, or other legal documents required in the application process;
  • Facility of e-visa lodgement of the application with the Department of Immigration;
  • Monitoring of progress and providing you with regular updates;
  • Indirectly liaising with Department of Immigration and any other relevant official body for you;
  • Continued management of your matter until a decision is made by the Department of Immigration.

To sign up for Visa Application Services please email info@venturaconsultants.cawith your details and visa selection and we will send you an invitation of scheduled personal meeting with our senior consuling officer for your migration queries.